Sunday, 17 March 2013

First Impressions Count!

Because potential buyers DO judge a book by its cover.

A picture is worth a thousand words- remember that saying?  About 87% of buyers will start their search for a home online. It’s amazing how many times properties are discounted by an exterior photo. Not just because a buyer was wanting a bungalow and this home is a 2 story, but because the photo shows a home with a lack of curb appeal and most buyers lack a vision for what could be! There are those who prefer to drive by a home before making an appointment to see it. And a home that has uncut grass (or an un-shovelled driveway), no color  from gardens or potted plants, eaves that are drooping and a front door needing paint can turn away even the most motivated of buyers.

So here are a few tips to make the buyer come into the home and take a real look!

  • Do some landscaping. With garden centers around every corner, it seems, and annuals and perennials alike are reasonably priced, tear out a bit of grass leading up to the front door, or in front of the home and put in a bit of color and greenery. At the very least, buy some hanging or potted plants and brighten up the front door.
  • Wash the front windows, the front door and the door knob. If the door needs painting- do it! Make it look like someone cares about the home’s appearance.  Make it inviting!
  • Perk up the foyer. It is the window into your home.  Find an inexpensive colourful mat for inside the door. Put away shoes. Add a potted plant (even an artificial one) or some flowers. Ensure the front closet doors are clean and easily opened/ closed.
  • People really do get to the front of the house, take one look and do not want to look further; so take some time to make your home welcoming. Help set the buyers at ease and allow them to see themselves in your home. It all starts at the curb!

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